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1xBet Bonus 100%

Working the 1xbet bonus: detailed explanation

Amid the many advertisements of 1XB the Brazilian Championship Game Series A and Series B, people want to know what is, and when they discover that the bonus raises questions.

$ 500 RL - 1XBET BONUS 

This is a high value bonus, it adds more depositors of up to US $ 500, as written in the subtitle:

  • Want a bonus 1xbet? Click the banner, Register and make a deposit.
  • Every new Brazilian users who want to make online bets 1xbet entitled to a bonus. You simply open an account 1xbet – Do this by clicking on the banner or here – and making a deposit.
  • The bonus amount will be automatically added by 1xbet, avoiding you find contacts to overcome this problem.

What is a bonus 1xBet?

Welcome Bonus

As always with the bookmakers, to create an account on the site, you will automatically be entitled to a bonus of 1xBet. This welcome bonus, However, It works as follows:

  • You made your registration
  • You put up $ 500
  • 1xBet, fold the amount of your deposit

So, for example, if you make a deposit $ 300, the 1xBet double the value for others $ 300. That is, your initial bankroll on the site will be US $ 600. The value is much more interesting for you to start betting on the platform.

It is important to note that, to withdraw money after a bonus, you must meet certain rules scroll.

How much will I earn with a bonus 1xBet? That's the question of the beginners

You will always receive double the amount deposited for the first time, for example:

  • When you deposit $ 100, you get other $ 100 to bet $ 200;
  • When you deposit $ 500, earn more $ 500 to bet $ 1.000;
  • When you deposit $ 1.000, receive other $ 500 – bonus máximo.Seu value has a value of $ 500 the most and you will always get the first double.
  • But not only deposit, earn bonuses and withdraw money. You must complete the first rollover.

$ 500 RL - 1XBET BONUS 

Rollover is nothing more than a term sheet that you must meet to withdraw cash gain a bonus.

1xbet Rollover

Important quotes the terms and conditions are 1xbet:

  • “Bet 9 times the bonus amount in a single bet or accrued. Every choice must contain opportunities 2.0 or superior. “
  • You must wager a total of 9 times the amount won with a bonus. For example, if you win a bonus $ 100, you have to wager a total of $ 900.


This bet has a minimum minimum 2.0 for single and combination bets that achieve the minimum odds.

This rollover must be completed within 30 days after installation. If you do not meet this deadline, the bonus money will be taken from your account.

What is the opinion of betting tips on the bonus 1xbet?

The value is good, but the rolling conditions are not. The value of 9x gain bets on simple chances 2.0 It is unreasonable. 1xbet need to fix this problem scrolling.

Promotional code: 1x_107484
Bonus: 200%

But if you're looking to earn a bonus 1xbet, cash it and then never go home, I say you made a big mistake.


1xbet is classified as 2, but the opportunity 10, because 1xbet generally offers better opportunities than Bet365 and is even better than the Pinnacle.

The opportunities are combined with a large list of markets, and this market is usually open before many other things.

I do not recommend 1xbet by your bonus, but by great opportunities (pre-game or direct) and the ease and speed of cash out your money. Like me and add to its territory 1xbet.

Last updated in July 2019

How does the rollover 1xBet?

As the 1xBet rollover works If you are not familiar with this term, the rollover is a rule imposed by the bookies before you can cash. Rules are made to prevent people deposit, receive bonuses and withdraw money without taking any action on the platform.


In the case of 1xBet, the rules for withdrawing money are as follows:

  • You must wager a total of nine times the bonus amount.
  • Opportunities should have a value of 2,00 or more
  • Bets on Total and Handicap markets do not apply to rollover.
  • These rules are quite boring for us players, but it makes sense as a protection for the home. On the other hand, the idea does not need to complete the full rollover, even if you can do it.
  • The best way to use bonus is no risk bets. And that's what we'll see from now.

1xBet Register

Register for the 1xbet is simple, fast and free, you can do this by clicking the button below.

After clicking the banner, you will be directed to the official page 1xbet. There you will choose one of the four registration options, all easy to fill.


  • With social networks, with one click, with a mobile number and via email.
  • After registration, you will receive the number of 1xbet ID and password that you must use to access your account 1xbet.
  • Tip: Write this information on paper.

1xbet is a bookie who became successful in Brazil for three reasons. The first is the high amount of the bonus, the second is the great opportunity it offers and the third is the many deposit options and withdrawal.


Visa, MasterCard, AstroPay Card e Entropay.

Electronic wallet

Ecopayz, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Currency, UPayCard, SafetyPay, Otopay, Dash and other.

The bank

Banco Slip, AstroPay Direct, Itaú, Santander, Bank of Brazil. Bradesco, in cash.

How do you make a bet without risk with a bonus 1xBet?

$ 500 RL - 1XBET BONUS 

If you joined the Betting Club, you can meet the strategy of using bonus to place bets that are really risk-free. If no, Follow this item and we'll walk about how it works.

The first step is, Sure, 1xBet you created your account and then received his bonus 1xBet. Generally, credit is done automatically, but it is good to ensure that the bank multiply the amount paid. Besides that, you'll need an account with Betfair.

Choose a game to implement a bonus strategy 1xBet

When choosing a game, we have to find a game with the fewest possible opportunities between 1xBet and Betfair. Besides that, It needs to be strengthened, Ideally, the opportunity not be too high. This, However, It requires a large amount of money in the betting on Betfair. The more unlikely it is an event, most expensive is oppose him.

For you to understand how this works in practice, for example, Suppose we choose the game vs Serbia. Switzerland, applies to World Cup 2018. Now, check the opportunities presented by 1xBet to bet our deposits and bonuses.

Choose a game to implement a bonus strategy 1xBet

Besides that, Now we will present the opportunity Betfair for this same event. If you are not adjusted to the layout, the important thing is the value in blue (bet) and pink (bet against, what will we do).

Set bets to use the bonus 1xBet

Set bets to use bonus 1xBet For this game, the balance is the primary resource. After all, more than just games, It is a game that practically determine the qualifications for the second phase of World Cup. As the Swiss won a point against Brazil, the draw may be enough. Thus, interest in the victory will be much larger than Serbia.

$ 500 RL - 1XBET BONUS 

So, assuming you do not believe in the Swiss victory, we set our bets. No 1xBet, where we want to lose, we will make bets to Switzerland with a chance 3.05. Meanwhile, the Betfair, where we want to win, We'll bet against Switzerland, taking advantage of opportunities 3.10.

Note that, with quotes, this is a very balanced game. Because this is not the most recommended strategy. The ideal is to get a game with greater certainty zebra, since it is not very unexpected reasons mentioned.

Ready to use your bonus 1xBet?


See how simple it is to use a strategy to release your bonus scroll 1xBet? There are not many secrets, only analyze and release the bonus amount to bet as you wish, without the above restrictions.

And if you find a high value in this example, Do not worry. We use the maximum value for this bet, but you do not need to deposit $ 500. Take the amount you can without sacrificing your financial health.

Ah, remember if, if you win in the city, repeat the process until winning the Betfair. The only problem is that you have to have a balance of Betfair and profits will decrease slightly, after all you will open a part of the next portion of your bonus, ok?

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